Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recent Past: Faery Birthday Cake

Fantasy Faery Cake

This is a more recent cake I was commissioned to do over the summer. The request was for a children's birthday cake involving fairies. Pink was a big no-no, and to tell you the truth, a bit daunting to make anything fairy related without using that particular colour. But prevail I did and the result was this whimsical three tiered creation! In addition to the cake, the customer wanted some type of treat to go with the favours. I suggested to her to go with the decorated macarons versus cupcakes, as cake on cake might have been a bit much.

The cake was a vanilla sponge cake with strawberry buttercream and a custard filling, a basic but delicious combination. All the decorations were made of fondant and gumpaste. The fairies were a bit daunting to do at first, but after a few trials, I managed to reach a simple and happy medium that was a hybrid of Disney-ish Tinkerbell with the Chibi anime. The fun part I thought was making the little mushrooms to go with it! Originally I wanted to make the large mushroom red, but seeing as it was a green and purple cake, I didn't want to bring Santa Clause around anytime soon.

The Fairies (My favorite is the sexy red one with black hair!) :P

More Cake

Macaron favours (Strawberry buttercream filling)

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