About Me


I'm Melany from Vancouver, BC, epicurean, pastry chef/baker, and overall culinary explorer! After university, I realized writing history research papers was not quite my thing so I decided to pursue my passion in baking and patisserie. After working at a well renown bakery chain in the Lower Mainland (Just to make sure I'm not entirely insane about the 180 change in career paths!) I enrolled at The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in their Bakery and Pastry program. From here I honed my skills at other establishments, gaining experience and meeting talented individuals on the way. 

I started Kawaii Eats as a project to combine my love of baking with cute and quirky creations from Japan. Most of the pastries I have/would like to create are based from Japanese culture and pop culture, and will delve from time to time into internet memes. I hope that in time, these creations, whether they are sold at local markets, commissioned cakes, or personal projects, will develop into greater things.

Some of my other interests are travelling, cooking, eating out, camping, and music (particularly Irish Traditional music). In my spare time (when I'm not baking) I have musical ADD so I love to dabble with new instruments like the pennywhistle, low whistle, bodhran, and harp (well, I'm just starting it anyways! :P) I enjoy talking and reading about the history of food as well.