Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kotatsu 2012


Well, I just completed my first event of the year, a small anime/Japanese festival/convention called Kotatsu. It was so nice to start off the sales year with something less conventional. I was honestly expecting a modest turn out as there seemed to have been little coverage of the event, but boy was I wrong! First day at 9:30 AM there was a line out in front of Nikkei Place! Plenty of interesting characters, many different cosplays (I must be old for  since I barely recognized any of the characters... with the exception of L, TF2 sniper, Domo, No-Face and the black cat from Triggun...ya... old school!) (>.<) My goodness, some of the costume workmanship that day was very impressive! Kudos to everyone for putting in the work! My only wish was that I would have been able to enjoy some of the festivities that day. I did manage to snag some really pretty kimono patterned shoes that matched my yukata.