Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kotatsu 2012


Well, I just completed my first event of the year, a small anime/Japanese festival/convention called Kotatsu. It was so nice to start off the sales year with something less conventional. I was honestly expecting a modest turn out as there seemed to have been little coverage of the event, but boy was I wrong! First day at 9:30 AM there was a line out in front of Nikkei Place! Plenty of interesting characters, many different cosplays (I must be old for  since I barely recognized any of the characters... with the exception of L, TF2 sniper, Domo, No-Face and the black cat from Triggun...ya... old school!) (>.<) My goodness, some of the costume workmanship that day was very impressive! Kudos to everyone for putting in the work! My only wish was that I would have been able to enjoy some of the festivities that day. I did manage to snag some really pretty kimono patterned shoes that matched my yukata.

C&C Cupcakery's Nyan Cat Pop Tarts!

The second day I was joined by C&C Cakery doing their Children's Hospital bake sale. We'd met before at the Baker's Market and were both at Bake for the Quake. They had some adorable goodies ladened with memes, pop culture, and anime! They went super creative with their flavours too, like their rice cracker cookie (I nommed that in 5 seconds!) And Nyan Cat pop tart was a winner for sure! Was a great pleasure selling along you both and I do hope to see you at other events in the near future!


I have to say I am ecstatic at the reception I got there. Lots of "Kawaii!", "OMG that is soooo cute" comments! I think I have found my market niche! It was a pleasure serving you hungry con goers and I do hope the next time you watch an anime/ read a manga where the characters swoon over a macaron, you will know why! :)


  1. I found your website through a passing post on tumblr. And I must say that I'm jealous of the attendees at Kotatsu.
    I hope that one day I'll be able to visit Vancouver and try them myself.

    1. Hi TS,
      Thanks so much for the compliments! I do hope you'll be able to come by to Vancouver too! I'll be at various markets and events this year. Take care!