Sunday, September 18, 2011

FIRST! :P Welcome to Kawaii Eats

So after much procrastination and general ineptness at all things blog related, I figured... why not just jump into it blindly and with not much aesthetic knowledge at all! Anyhoo, first things first, welcome to Kawaii Eats! Making pastries cute, quirky, and overall fun! I must apologize for how heinous this blog looks like since I have not touched html or website related since early university (remember geocities? *shudder*) I promise bounds of improvement in the coming months! I intend to make this a shared experience detailing mainly my pastry exploits, though from time to time I may veer into culinary territory (or share with you an Irish tune or so!)

So what is Kawaii Eats? According to Wikipedia's definition of Kawaii, it is:

The adjective[3] is kawaii (可愛い?)[4] (literally, "lovable", "cute",[5] or "adorable"[6]).

So a definitive part of my pastries on this blog will be Japanese cute culture. I find a lot of inspiration from Japanese pastry chefs like Sugino Hidemi who take patisserie and combine them with Japanese flavours and aesthetics. I also admire the delicate nature and flavours of wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets that can reflect seasonal changes, or are enjoyed with green tea. The term for Japanese western sweets is yogashi, and is similar and yet different from western desserts. These can include anything from Japanese soft cheesecake to Katsutera (Castella) sponge cake. This is where my passion lies and hope to recreate/reinvent some beloved pastry favorites from Japan. 

So, in addition to shilling home creations, I will also be announcing any bake sales, commissioned cakes, and other pastries adventures on this blog. It's a small start to something that I hope to see expand to bigger projects and business ventures. For the meantime I will be posting some back dated pictures in addition to current creations. Cheers!



  1. Great site! Look forward to seeing more of your brilliant creations!

  2. Hey Brad, Thanks for the follow! I will get on writing more asap! :)

  3. Hello Mel, I google your trade name and I found your blog, great job!! I can't wait to go and check your booth at the bake market (is that what it's call?). Anyway, let us know when is your next event. See ya!